Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Favourite Place in the House!

Nicole asked everyone to show their crafting place and I liked the idea of revealing some pictures of my favourite place in the house. To make my cards I always use my computer, for inspiration, to look for templates or to write texts. On my desk there is usually a big fluffy white cat but it's not here at the moment. Otherwise my cardboard box with tools and my pencil box are the main items. On the right of my desk is a small cupboard with a laser printer (sometimes with the same white cat on it) and an embossing light box that I got from one of my best friends for my birthday. In the cupboard are boxes with all kinds of materials: paper, ribbons, buttons, stickers, stamps, etc. The two orange drawers contain punches. The black boxes under these contain my cards.
As a scrapaholic addict I must admit that normally this place is much messier and I still have a lot of material throughout the house (sometimes I can't find it back!!)


  1. Hoi Melanie,
    Ziet er erg leuk uit hoor!
    Stuur me anders even een mailte i.v.m de airbrush! Groetjess marley

  2. bedankt trouwens voor je reactie op mijn kaart, heb hem alleen net aangepast; was er niet tevreden over haha.. kom nu eens kijken zou ik zeggen, ben benieuwd wat je er van vind.. xx Marley


Dank je wel voor je berichtje!

xoxo Milnie