Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Back!!

I’m soooooo happy to be back. The last two weeks were horrible! A few weeks ago I decided to put an end to 11 years of smoking, but I found it to hard to quit without some help. So I went to my doctor and he gave me medication called “Champix”. You have to take these pills 2 weeks before you plan to quit smoking. I did, but the medication had a lot of side effects. After the first week I became a little depressed and languid. I wanted to make cards but couldn’t get started. After days going crazy I decided to go back to my doctor and he reduced the medication. I’m sooooo happy that I made a new card, that I’ll show you all later today. First I should thank many of you for the sweet messages that you left here! A few weeks ago I received again the Honest Scrap Blog award from Mariska, thank you very much girl!! And the last 2 days I received a new Award from again Mariska, Kimmie and Sandra! Thank you all for passing this award on to me! These awards always seem to have a catch and for this one I had to answer these questions: 1. Where is your cell phone: here on my desk. 2. Your hair: Half Long, brown, and straight with some light highlights. 3. Your mother: The sweetest in the whole world! 4. Your father: Died in 1993, he was an inspiring hard working man. 5. Your favorite food: Burritos! 6. Your dream from last night: I always forget them ;) 7. Your favorite drink: all sorts of juice! 8. Your dream/goal: To be happy! 9. What room are you in: The livingroom 10. What is your hobby: Blogging, making cards, watch movies, shopping along and baking. 11. What is your fear: To lose someone I love. 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: In a cute house being a wonderful wife and mum. 13. Where were you last night: On the couch with my love. 14. Something you are not: Selfish, bitchy and heartless 15. Muffins: Blueberry or white chocolate! 16. Wish List items: A nice card making room and a happy marriage! 17. Where did you grow up: Veghel, Brabant. 18. Last thing you did: Make a new card after 2 weeks. 19. What are you wearing: a comfy shirt and jeans. 20. Your TV: is turned off at the moment ;) 21. Your pets: 2 cats (Diesel and Blaze), 1 dog (Flex) and a little hamster (Kiwi) 22. Your friends: They are the best! 23. Your life: is great! 24. Your mood: relieved that I made a new card. 25. Missing someone: My love, but he will come home in an hour! 26. Vehicle: Ferrari F40 (just kidding, it's a Toyota Yaris) 27. Something you're not wearing: no make up today. 28. Your favorite store: crafting stores! 29. Your favorite color: Purple! 30. When's the last time you laughed: Yesterday when I went shopping with my love. 31. When's the last time you cried: Yesterday, still having depressed moments.. 32. Your best friend: My fiance 33. One place you go over and over: The livingroom. 34. One person who emails me regularly: My mother. 35. Favorite place to eat? The Filling station, an American style burger restaurant in Belgium! I have to choose 6 Over The Top blogs to pass this award to but I saw the award too many times passed on the blogs of my friends so I deciced to leave it open…


  1. Gefeliciteerd met je award.. en wat super goed dat je gestopt bent met roken!! Echt mijn complimenten.. ik begin niet meer aan het stoppen voorlopig haha kan het nog niet missen!! xxx Marley

  2. Heeej Meis!!

    Wat leuk dat je er weer bent.
    Maar wat een toestand zeg, dat je zo beroerd werd van die medicijnen. Wel volhouden he, dat stoppen met roken, ik heb het ook na 11 jaar gedaan en ben alweer 3 jaar clean!! Dus jij kan het ook!! Zeker weten!!!

    Nou meid, ik kijk nu al weer uit naar je mooie kaartjes!!

    Liefs Mariska

  3. Leuk om je antwoorden te lezen :-) en wat supergoed dat je gestopt bent met roken. Ik hoop dat de bijwerkingen gauw zullen verdwijnen en dat je weer lekker in je vel zult zitten.
    Groetjes, Sandra


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