Thursday, November 26, 2015

Guest Dt Call Faery Ink

Here I am again (in English this time) because this post is especially for the Guest DT Call which Amanda of Faery Ink runs right now!  I always love to work with the images from Faery Ink, they are sooooooo cool to use on my pocket letters and cards, so this is a wonderful opportunity! She asked for a a brand new creation and a old favorite in order to participate in this DT Call; so let me show my brand new creation first using the Playful Moon Digital Stamp:

Here is an (much older) card I have made with Gabbie Queen of Crazy Hair:
and here is my old favorite using the amazingly gorgeous Demera Star Angel: 

The original post can be found here
Amanda also has a few questions for us to answer:

1.       How did you find Faery Ink?

I was in two different Challenge blog Design teams in the past and Faery Ink was one of our generous sponsors.

2.       What are your top 3 favorite Faery Ink images? Why? (please include the URL to the images in the Faery Ink shop)

That is not an easy question Amanda!! There are so many gorgeous images in your shop.... but here are they:
- Demera Star Angel (really my absolute favorite!)

3.       How many projects have you made from Faery Ink images?

I think four or five? But the correct answer is: not enough! :) I noticed that I have chosen them more and more often now that I have more freedom to decide which images to use.

4.       What kind of projects do you like to make from Faery Ink images? (cards, art journals, boxes, candles, art for your personal use etc…)

I'm a card maker for many years now and I would love to learn to art journal one day. But I use the images for cards and pocket letters for now. I'm currently participating a Kit and Clowder course so I hope to improve my coloring skills soon!

5.       How many design teams are you currently on?

None! :) I was a designer for a craft shop for a couple years in the past, but she decided to quit with her whole design team and I recently stepped down from two challenge blogs DT because I wanted to be more free to work with my favorite brands of digital stamps (and of course Faery Ink is one of them!)

6.       How many projects do you need to complete each month in order to satisfy your obligations to your other design teams?

None :) I'm a free as a bird!

7.       Would you be open to a long term spot on the team?

This question is soooo easy; Yes!! of course! :)

8.       Is there any month between December 2015 and November 2016 that you will be unavailable to be a guest designer?


9.       Are you familiar with the WordPress blogging platform?

No, but I learn quickly! I work with computers a lot and always love to learn more and more.

10.   How often do you post on Facebook?

I'm on facebook a lot (ok I admit; I'm addicted!) I always share my creations on my blog and on facebook, but I'm absolutly more active on Facebook.

11.   Do you participate in groups on Facebook?

Yes, in groups for card makers and also several groups for swapping pocket letters.

12.   What other social media platforms are you active on? (Please provide links to your profile at each)

I was on twitter for years, but it was replaced with facebook for me. I recently made a profile on Instagram to share my creations, but it's not active yet. And I'm on Pinterest!

13.   Is there anything you would like to add?

Yes; I want to thank you for this awesome oppurtunity and all those gorgeous images you have made for us to use! I would feel very honored to be chosen!! (so pick me!!!!!) 


Dank je wel voor je berichtje!

xoxo Milnie